aquabasic® PMK-basic

Water meter for horizontal installation DN 15 - 50

Product names: aquabasic®
Applications: Commercial buildings / Building technology, Residential buildings / Sanitary, Water
Medium: Water
Process: Measure

Technical data

Multi-jet turbine meters with dry-type registers

Type approval as hot water meter according to 2004/22/EG (OIML R49)

Brass housing with threaded connections

Nominal pressure 16 bar

Max. temperature 40 °C

IP 66 and IP 68


aquabasic® domestic water meter with internal interface for system modules

aquabasic® domestic water meter with high accuracy and long service life

Reliable Swiss precision

Approvals: MID / SVGW

Benefits for you

Innovative technology from a single source

Design safety can be updated at any time

Simple and user-friendly technology

Significant increase in added value with accurate flow measurement

Lower shelf-life costs

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