Hydrant Water Meter
Woltman Turbine, stainless steel housing, DN40, SVGW certified
Model with system separator, knuckle coupling an grab handle, PN 10, Q3=36 m3/h

Product names: RUBIN
Applications: Water
Medium: Water
Process: Measure

Technical Data

Installation in horizontal and vertical pipeline

Nominal diameter DN 40

Nominal pressure 16 bar

Temperature range 0 to 50 °C

Protection Class IP68


RUBIN HYZ wiht SVGW certification

Exchangeable measuring insert

Integrated flow straightener

Can be retrofitted with non-reactive HRI modules or optical pulser

Stainless steel knuckle coupling input 55/75 “s” rigid or “d”rotatable, each with wide-meshed screen

System separator BA-V0 , DVGW certified

Stainless steel Knuckle coupling output 55 rigid

Customer benefits

Robust stainless steel housing (non-corroding)

Simple and cost-effective replacement of measuring inserts

Rotatable meter head

No inlet and outlet sections required

Can be used with above-ground hydrants

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