AMTRON® S3 / S3+ / S3U

Compact meter for heat and cooling measurements with pulse output, M-Bus Interface or Wireless M-Bus (radio) OMS® standard

Product names: AMTRON®
Applications: Commercial buildings / Building technology, Local and district heating / cooling, Residential buildings / Sanitary
Medium: Thermal Energy
Process: Measure

Technical Data

Environment class

EN 1434 class C

Ambient temperature

5 – 55 °C at 95 % rH

Protection class

Flow sensor IP65

Installation position

Horizontal or vertical

Required in- and outlet sections


Accuracy class

AMTRON® S3 / S3+: EN 1434 class 3
AMTRON® S3U: EN 1434 class 2

Power supply

Lithium battery 10+1 years (changeable)


Energy supply via 10-year battery + battery is exchangeable

Return flow detection

Flow and return adjustable in the field

Installation in horizontal and vertical lines

Metrological approval accord. to 2014/32/EU (MID) and PTB K 7.2


Easy installation

Long product life – and option to expand after 10 years of use

Radio according to the non-proprietary OMS® standard for trouble-free mobile or permanent reading

Combined heat and cooling measurement

Also usable in clearing transactions

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