AMBILL® smart Suite 2

Meter reading as simple as that

Product names: AMBILL®
Applications: Systems integration
Medium: Software / Systems engineering
Process: Data processing / Evaluation

Benefit now from these advantages!

The improved update of the popular mobile reading and parameterisation software is now available for your Android smartphone or tablet. Easy and comfortable reading of dwellings "en passant".

  • Innovative WALK-BY & DRIVE-BY reading of transmitting heating and cooling counters as well as water and gas meters.

  • Broad support of measuring devices from different manufacturers by using the open communication standard OMS.

  • AMBILL® smart Suite 2 fulfils specific requirements of energy supply companies as well as contracted meter reading companies.

  • It collects automatically all data relevant for billing from all meters, which can be received at the reading site and marks the respective reading orders as “done”.

  • Enormous time and cost saving by quick recording of all meters nearby, as well as fault-free reading without bothering customers.

  • Appointments with tenants as well as time-consuming individual separate reading appointments due to absence of tenants are completely eliminated, as you don’t have to enter the dwelling anymore. Increase the number of reliable actual values, which means invoicing of actual values, as fewer estimated values are necessary.

  • The often complicated access to industry facilities with high security requirements is not required anymore by using the AMBILL® smart Suite 2.

And the Best:

The Apps "Smart Param" and "Smart Scan" are unlimited free of charge, the App "Smart Read" up to 3 counters. Therefore you can test the whole reading and parametrisation software AMBILL® smart Suite 2 free of charge and if necessary purchase the additional licences for "Smart Read".

You only need a Bluetooth-enabled OMS handheld radio device (can be purchased from us) and an Android-based smartphone or tablet for operating the mobile app.

AMBILL® smart Suite 2 combines three tools in one package:


Smart read

…to perform a reading
The reading software for mobile reading combines practical functionality with easy use and concentrates on the reading of consumption meters via radio in small to medium quantities. Manual entries are possible.


Reading software for
- Radio
- Manual reading
- CS (IEC protocol)

Filtering and searching possibilities

Current value reading of aquatarif® and AMBILL 230 CS

Synchronisation of data between computer and handheld device via AMBILL® smart PC

Supported smartphone operation system: Android

Supported computer operation systems: Windows 7, 8 und 10

Supported meter manufacturers: commercially available products


Time and cost savings

High usability

Topicality and transparency

Flexibility in tour planning


Smart Param

…parameterising of aquaradio® smart and aquaconcept® modules
Serves for parameterising of aquaradio® smart radio modules and aquaconcept® system modules, which can be connected to different consumption meters of Aquametro AG.


Parameterising of the following devices:
- Aquaconcept (aquareader, aquaonline, aquatarif, AMBILL 230 CS)
- Aquaradio smart Puls

Reading of module and meter data

Parameterising and setting of standard values for customers


Fewer errors due to automatic setting of parameters for customers

Direct control of entered data

Possibility to control radio modules directly with Smart Scan


Smart Scan

…to check which radio telegrams can be received

Scanning of aquaradio® smart and other radio modules during or after the installation of meters.


Displaying of Prios and OMS radio telegrams

Decryption according to saved keys

Transparent displaying of radio telegrams

Filtering and sorting possibilities

Saving of received data in text files

Forwarding of meter data with

Mail, WhatsApp and other services


Easy control of installed radio modules

Range control for placing repeaters or similar

Full transparency of all radio data

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