AMBILL® derago

Mobile meter reading

Product names: AMBILL®
Applications: Commercial buildings / Building technology, Residential buildings / Sanitary, Systems integration
Medium: Software / Systems engineering
Process: Data processing / Evaluation

AMBILL® derago is typically used for mobile meter reading of consumption figures for electricity, water, gas and heat. Meter readings are recorded on-site by, for example via pen or finger input, , wireless or by reading the meter electronically.

The AMBILL® derago software allows you to record all meters to be read in a single step, using the same program interface. The clear user interface gives you a precise overview of the meters already read and those still to be read at all times.


Data recording by finger or pen, infrared, CS, WiFi

Data transmission between PC and Handheld via GSM or WiFi

Handheld operating systems supported from Android version 4.0.3 and above

PC operating systems supported: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Billing systems supported: SAP-ISU, Ruf, NEST-ISE, Hürlimann, Ofisa, etc.

Meter manufacturers supported: all conventional

Support for card insertion and wireless readout

Readout support through GPS navigation

Benefits for you

Time and cost savings

Better data quality

Actuality and transparency

High usability

Flexible, universal System

Highest data security

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